Web-based Scheduling for Shared Resources
The perfect solution for scheduling aircraft, flight training, and other resources in the world of commercial and general aviation.
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  • Flying Clubs
  • Ground Schools
  • Simulators
  • Flight Instructors
  • Flight Training Devices
  • Schedulebook was originally designed for pilots. In fact, it was created by a pilot. It’s ideal for saving time and money while improving communication.

    Schedulebook Aviation offers many tools specifically designed to help aviation organizations keep airplanes in the air while reducing administrative costs or headaches.

    Administrative tools like stand-by scheduling let you increase your aircraft and pilot utilization, by immediately notifying and scheduling another user when a plane is cancelled.

    You can schedule both the instructor and the aircraft in one reservation and the system can notify the instructor by email that he has been scheduled, increasing customer satisfaction.

    As a Web-based application, Schedulebook lets you use new features as soon as they’re available, without requiring complicated software upgrades. New features coming soon will help with the tracking of important dates such as BFRs, Medicals and annual check flights.

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