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$25 cash for each successful new account

The referral program is an exciting way for friends of Schedulebook to participate financially in the growth of the company. Members and friends of Schedulebook are invited to sign up for this new program. Simply set up a “Referral Account” and update it with each new referral you have. The rules are simple. The referral cannot be a current or former user of Schedulebook and the new customer must pay for one year. We will contact the new user after you have entered his or her information and submitted your name as the referral. Our sales staff will set up an account, the new member pays for the first year and once they are past the satisfaction guarantee, we will send a payment of $25 directly to you.

Active flight instructors who refer one successful new account are eligible for a special one-resource account at up to a 78 percent discount to allow students to schedule or just view their personal calendar.

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Referral Program

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